Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Python for Embedded Systems (reposting from old blog)

I hope the GM862-QUAD was just the begin of the Python-enable devices age in embedded systems.

It's a GSM/GPRS QuadriBand module with complete TCP/IP stack and embedded CMOS camera support, which also allows users to run a python application.

The embedded python interpreter is a simplified port of the ancient version 1.5.2, and counts with the usual default types:

* long
* float
* complex

and modules:

* marshal
* imp
* sys

Additionally it also provide some core-specific modules:

* MDM: interface between Python and mobile internal AT command handling;
* SER: interface between Python and mobile internal serial port ASC0 direct handling;
* GPIO: interface between Python and mobile internal general purpose input output direct handling;
* MOD: interface between Python and mobile miscellaneous functions.

as specified in the manual, but the code, unfortunately isn't free, yet.

Hardware platform is not divulged, but it's certainly ARM-based and probably can incorporate a lot of recent free-software development in this area, like, for instance, the maemo for Texas OMAP platform used in Nokia 770/800.

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