Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Launchpad API for PPAs - part 2

Continuing with Launchpad APIs for PPAs, let's illustrate how to find sources within a PPA.

Sources can be found, basically, by name, version, distroseries and status by calling getPublishedSources on a target archive.

 >>> def test_source_lookup(lp):
...     ppa = lp.people['ubuntu-mozilla-daily'].archive
...    ubuntu = lp.distributions['ubuntu']
...    jaunty = ubuntu.getSeries(name_or_version='jaunty')
...    last_firefox = ppa.getPublishedSources(
...        source_name='firefox-3.5', status='Published', distro_series=jaunty,
...        exact_match=True)[0]
...    print last_firefox.displayname

When it run, the output is:

firefox-3.5 3.5~b4~hg20090415r24712+nobinonly-0ubuntu1~umd1 in jaunty

Play with the arguments, also instead of fetching the first item (most recent one) from the collection you may iterate over it.

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