Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Python for Embedded Systems (reposting from old blog)

I hope the GM862-QUAD was just the begin of the Python-enable devices age in embedded systems.

It's a GSM/GPRS QuadriBand module with complete TCP/IP stack and embedded CMOS camera support, which also allows users to run a python application.

The embedded python interpreter is a simplified port of the ancient version 1.5.2, and counts with the usual default types:

* long
* float
* complex

and modules:

* marshal
* imp
* sys

Additionally it also provide some core-specific modules:

* MDM: interface between Python and mobile internal AT command handling;
* SER: interface between Python and mobile internal serial port ASC0 direct handling;
* GPIO: interface between Python and mobile internal general purpose input output direct handling;
* MOD: interface between Python and mobile miscellaneous functions.

as specified in the manual, but the code, unfortunately isn't free, yet.

Hardware platform is not divulged, but it's certainly ARM-based and probably can incorporate a lot of recent free-software development in this area, like, for instance, the maemo for Texas OMAP platform used in Nokia 770/800.

(Late) birthday pictures

Check the pictures organized by Janice and performed by Amelie (our beautiful female boxer):

Where is the cake ?

Singing ... happy birthday to you ...

Eating the only snack available

Monday, July 23, 2007

VIVOZAP working on Ubuntu (dapper or feisty)

Being as lazy as possible, I've just followed this article.

The key-thing is:

$ sudo rmmod usbserial && sudo modprobe usbserial vendor=0xc88 product=0x17da

(apart from the authentication "" and the dial number "#777")

The modem configuration is trivial, and can be done either by editing ppp scripts or using the desktop GUI, doesn't matter.

Frankly, I couldn't see any benefit or hacker options in ppp config.

What keeps bothering me is the fact that I have to eject the card, reload the module and insert the card again each time the connection falls or the machine reboots.

(obviously I have modified my /etc/modules with the proper vendor/product, but it doesn't seem to work as expected)